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Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

Auld Alliance is unwilling to accept email spam because it wastes our time and consumes the limited resources of our computing equipment in terms of processing, storage and network traffic (which of course our clients eventually have to pay for). Therefore, we reserve the right to take action against any company, group or individual that chooses to abuse our resources for commercial purposes. Specifically, this refers to any entity that

We reserve the right to take action as necessary to protect our systems and keep the costs of maintaining these systems to a minimum. "Our systems" refers to any network or computing equipment used in the production, maintenance, storage or publication of the Site in whole or in part, including the computer systems of Service Providers, Webmasters and affiliates who produce and/or host content displayed on the Site or who convey information relating to the Site.

Individuals who abuse our services will be pursued for compensation under the laws pursuant to The Computer Misuse Act and/or the EU Privacy and Electronics Communication Directive. We also reserve the right, at our discretion, to notify connectivity and hosting providers of such abuses in order to suspend or disconnect service of the offending party.

Offenders will be tracked down using any available information as well as proprietary spam-tracking and security tools. For the time and other expenses incurred in dealing with such offenders, a standard fee of £250 (two hundred and fifty pounds sterling) will be charged in addition to any compensation provided under Scottish law.

No legitimate enquiry will ever be regarded as 'spam'

Invalid Data in the On-line enquiry form or the Sending us your Card Details form

You saw the message
"One or more entries in the form contains invalid data...."

Each entry you made in the form is checked against certain criteria. If any entry breaches the criteria for that entry, then the form is rejected and no message is sent to Auld Alliance.

The following are some possible causes:

If everything appears correct but your form is still being rejected, it is possible that you have connected to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider who has not responded to our request to block someone who is abusing our website. You should complain to your ISP and ask them to disconnect the spammer and to confirm to us that they have done so. We will then remove the block. Until then, you will need to either use another ISP or contact Auld Alliance by telephone or email. We apologise for the inconvenience, but it is not of our making.

It is very unlikely that a correctly completed form will have any problems. It is very likely that a Spam attack will be rejected.