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If you would like to contact the Webmaster — maybe you have some comments about this website or you'd like him to create a website for you — you can either:

Robert Wall
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High Resolution Images for editors

High resolution versions - 1800 x 1200 pixels upwards - of many of the images on this site are available. Please make a request to us and, provided we own the copyright, we will be very pleased to to arrange access for you - we do not make them generally available as the files range in size from about 2MB to over 7MB. If the copyright is owned by a third party, we will attempt to contact the copyright owner and negotiate on your behalf.

Cookies, "Active Content" and Privacy policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored by your web browser when you visit a web site. Auld Alliance uses Google Analytics to collect general information about traffic and usage of this website. It presently does not use any other cookies.
"Active Content" is a script that performs some sort of computation in your computer. Auld Alliance uses Javascript (a) to put the name of the page you are looking at in the 'status bar' of your browser; (b) to obfuscate our email address (an anti-spam measure), (c) to check your enquiry; and (d) to encrypt your credit card details if you choose to send those details to us via this website.
When you submit an enquiry, we record your contact details. These details are used in the ordinary course of business and may be retained in order to provide you with news and information about Auld Alliance at some future date. Your details will not be given to any third party unless we are required to do so by Scottish Law.

"You must have Javascript to see our email address"

Unfortunately, like many others in the on-line world, we suffer from 'spam' emails. In an attempt to reduce these, we do not publish our email address in easily readable form within our web pages. Instead, we rely on Javascript to decrypt and write our address to your browser as it accesses our site. This means that if you do not have Javascript, you cannot see our email address. If this happens, please either use the on-line enquiry form to contact us (we will then contact you as soon as we are able), or try guessing our address — put "enquiries@" in front of our domain name.

You have received a "Spam" email that appears to have come from Auld Alliance

We receive very many emails that are returned to us because they have been rejected by the recipient's mail system. In almost every case, the sender's address or the return address is of the form "John Smith" <> where the name could be anything and "abcdxyz" is a sequence of random characters. An address like this has certainly been forged and we did not originate the message. The addresses we use should be instantly recognisable as legitimate. Please do not return these emails to us, because they are all deleted automatically. If you are sufficiently concerned and you have the expertise, we suggest you use one of the many tracing tools or services available to determine the true source of the spam. If the source is within the EU, please contact the ISP concerned who can, under European legislation, disconnect the offender.
We're sorry but we cannot trace such messages for you.

Our Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

Auld Alliance is unwilling to accept email spam (this includes false enquiries through our on-line form) because it wastes our time and consumes the limited resources of our computing equipment in terms of processing, storage and network traffic (which of course our clients eventually have to pay for). Therefore, we reserve the right to take action against any company, group or individual that chooses to abuse our resources for commercial purposes. We use every means available to track down these people. You can read more on our Zero Tolerance Spam Policy page.